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About Me

I am a lover of animals and adventures. I thrive as a perpetually curious world-traveling yogi, writer, teacher and intuitive healer.

As someone who has experienced trauma and lived with PTSD since childhood, I spent many years feeling overwhelmed and fixated on survival. I would get stuck in the freeze trauma-response and wanted to learn how to heal my body, mind and soul. As I took on the task of self-care and healing, it led me to begin practicing yoga and meditation in 2010.

I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and found my sweet spot teaching restorative and Yin style yoga classes. It was during my first teacher training that I dove deeply into the study of the chakra system. It offered a profound level of clarity and spiritual understanding that I incorporate into not only my personal life but also my professional life. Since then I have taught workshops and series on the chakras and have assisted Yoga Teacher Trainings at the Yoga Center of Steamboat

 I learned to practice Reiki in May of 2015. I joined the training on a whim at the recommendation of a loved one. I was not "about it" initially but once I began to practice and experience its profound benefits for myself, I never looked back. Reiki is designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which shifts the body out of fight/flight/freeze. Reiki has been a powerful tool for me to ease my own anxiety and various PTSD symptoms. I have since developed a one-on-one reiki practice as well as a coaching program which incorporates reiki and the chakras as a path to self-healing for my clients.

I have completed certifications in Meditation Teacher Training and Yin Yoga Teacher Training as well as participating in Yoga Nidra meditation immersions. Each of these practices have added depth and perspective to my own healing and to my role as a guide for others in their unique experiences. I have found that approaching healing from a multifaceted approach brings depth that may not be reached by one method alone.

I've spent my entire life learning to heal myself. It is an immense honor to work alongside others and offer guidance to those who wish to do their own healing work. I've spent over a decade practicing and teaching varied styles of yoga and meditation. Over the past several years I have had the immense honor of assisting people and animals as they reconnect with a sense of inner peace. It is only because of the depth of my own healing work that I have had the privilege to step into this role for others. My passion for social justice and equality for all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality or economic standing keeps me focused on the importance of healing. The more we heal, the better we are to one another. The more we heal, the better equipped we are to accept ourselves fully and reclaim our inherent worthiness of happy, vibrant lives.

As a teacher and guide, my aim is to inspire my clients to reclaim not only their energy but their lives. It is my intention to educate and empower each of my clients as they explore the subtler layers of healing. My multi-dimensional approach to healing focuses on clarifying the energetic body through reiki healing, mediumship and personalized chakra-balancing exercises.


My goal as a channel for healing is to always leave my clients feeling nurtured, inspired revitalized and empowered.


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