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About Me

I am a lover of animals and adventures. I thrive as a perpetually curious world-traveling yogi, writer, teacher and intuitive healer.

I was born with an intuitive gift that I'm just now beginning to fully incorporate into my life and my work. As someone who has lived with PTSD since childhood, I've spent the majority of my life overwhelmed and fixated on survival. I got stuck in the freeze trauma-response.

I remember the moment when I realized that I had no conscious control over my leg during a yoga class. This was a huge wake-up call to the level of disconnect I was feeling with my body as a result of PTSD.

It wasn't until I learned to practice Reiki in May of 2015 that I began to reconnect with my body through the sensation in my hands. The more I practiced, the more I could feel. As my body began to "thaw" from its frozen state, my intuition sky-rocketed.


Of course I thought I was losing my mind. Enter, a new wave of overwhelm. Luckily for me, my therapist was familiar with this kind of "awakening", having witnessed her friend Rebecca go through something similar while in college. Though I still struggle to come to terms with this gift, I can no longer deny its presence and its ability to help both people and animals to heal.

I've spent my entire life learning to heal. I've spent over a decade practicing and teaching varied styles of yoga and meditation. Over the past 6 years I have had the immense honor of assisting people and animals as they reconnect with a sense of inner peace. It is only because of the depth of my own healing work that I have had the privilege to step into this role for others.

As a teacher and guide, I am committed to supporting others in reclaiming the inherent beauty of their own intuition and vitality! My multi-dimensional approach to healing focuses on clarifying the energetic body through chakra-balancing reiki healing, mediumship and personalized healing exercises.


My goal as a channel for healing is to always leave my clients feeling nurtured, inspired revitalized and empowered.

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