Dog + House Sitting

I come to you! Your pup gets to stay home, where it’s most comfortable. I understand how it can feel to be away from your animal and aim to support feeling connected even while you’re away. I also text updates and photos/videos of your pet to you!


I offer clear, effective and prompt communication. I have formal training in effective communication and I have over 10 years experience in customer service with high-profile clients. 


  • Daily walks and/or dog park visits! I’ll bring each pup on his/her favorite walks and/or dog parks to play with friends.These activities are based on the needs and interests of each client on an individual basis.


  • Feeding: I feed at daily scheduled meal times. When you’re away it’s important to keep things more or less “the same” to keep your pup feeling happy and calm. Feeding may also include distributing supplements and/or medications. I’m also open to cooking food for your dog (I cooked for mine for over a year) at an additional charge. Must be arranged prior to visit.


  • Water: I maintain and refresh water throughout the day. If you have a preference, please let me know if your fur baby prefers tap or filtered water. Please also include if there is a time frame to limit water intake such as close to bedtime for puppies who are working on potty training.


  • Potty breaks: I’m a firm believer in ample potty breaks, especially with younger (and/or smaller breed) pups. I pick up after dogs while on walks and at the dog park. For yard maintenance during your travels.


  • Training Maintenance: I’m happy to support the training process. I had my own dog for almost 12 years and I still watch dog training videos daily. I am consistently in “training mode” to uphold good manners for dogs so they can live happy and harmonious lives. My approach is through positive reinforcement and verbal correction. I use ample praise, pets, belly rubs and plenty of treats! If you are currently working with your dog on training, please share your command words with me for consistency. 


  • House Sitting: Please let me know when trash day is, when the plants need water, if/when you’re expecting a package, etc. I clean up after myself and leave your home just as it was. I take out the trash, launder towels, strip the bedding of sheets and make sure that the kitchen, bathroom and any other used space is wiped and clean. Your dog’s toys will be neatly organized upon your return as well.


I love “my dogs”! I’ve been an animal lover for my entire life. I’ve always had a deep sensitivity to the feelings and emotions of animals and I’ve been practicing

Reiki healing on dogs (and other animals!) since 2015.


$55/night for up to 6 days

$45/night for up to 10 day

+$20/night for holidays

*Inquire about adding a reiki session for your dog!


Competitor's Pricing

Armstrong Kennels $27/night

Dog Days Boarding $46/night 

Paw Petcare Boarding $60/night (+$25/night for holidays)

Lucky Dog Overnight $70/night

Whiskers + Tails Overnight $90/night (+$20/night for holidays)