*Please seek professional veterinary care for any injury and/or illness prior to booking a reiki session for your animal.


60-min minute remote reiki.

Inquire for in-person sessions.


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4 sessions (1 month, weekly):

$180 ($45 per session)

Recommended for: Senior pets with mild symptoms related to aging and/or pets experiencing anxiety.


6 sessions (6 consecutive days):

$270 ($45 per session)

Recommended for: Pets recovering from acute injury or healing from recent surgery (within 14 days, but as soon as possible after surgery is ideal).


8 sessions (1 month, twice weekly)

$320 ($40 per session)

Recommended for: Aging pets with moderate ongoing issues. Pets experiencing chronic issues such as separation anxiety.


16 sessions (2 months, twice weekly):

$640 $40 per session.

Recommended for: Pets experiencing ongoing chronic issues and/or illness including diagnosis of a terminal illness.


* I am in the process of developing a mindful grieving program for pet parents navigating terminal illness with their pet. Stay tuned.

Animal Reiki