Animals hold a very special place in my heart and in the work that I do professionally. My very first Reiki client back in 2015 was a very special lab named Clyde. Ever since then I have worked with more dogs than I can count. I've done sessions with all kinds of animals including cats (when they "feel like it"), rescued horses, guinea pigs, birds and more dogs than I'll ever be able to count.


Reiki healing may help to ease some symptoms related to illness/injury and stress, allowing the animal to relax into a restful state. This type of treatment may be especially hepful for pets as they age and transition.


In my experience, dogs especially tend to be quite "talkative" during sessions and like to share their thoughts, feelings and messages (mostly that they love you!). This may also help to clarify the lines of communication between the pet and pet parent. On a physical level, pet parents often report that their fur babies feel calm and clear after a treatment.


As with any Reiki + Reading session, it is required to have consent of the client regardless of species. Although rare, there are occasions in which the animal simply doesn't want to be "bothered". In this case, it is my duty to be respectful of that boundary. In my experience, most animals are very receptive to energy healing and make excellent clients.


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Animal Reiki + Communication