Module 1 is limited to 8 participants. Face coverings are required for the duration of in-person sessions. Module 2 is taught via Zoom. It is not required to complete each module in any specific order. In order to receive your Reiki Level One certificate, both modules must be completed.


Upcoming Module 2 dates:

Saturday, April 17th & Sunday, April 18th 29th

5-9pm Central US


Saturday, June 5th & Sunday, June 6th

Time TBD


$30 discount for my current Reiki Level One students.

Message me for the coupon code.


The purpose of this course is to familiarize you with the chakra system as it pertains to reiki energy healing and to offer you the tools to deepen your sense of embodied awareness. We will discuss the importance of a commitment to self-inquiry and self-care as an essential aspect of the energetic practice of reiki.


Each of the seven main chakras coincide with physical, emotional and spiritual components. We will discuss these aspects of the subtle body and learn energy-balancing techniques. We will allow time for questions and conversation.


Our bodies are intelligent beyond measure. The chakra system is one of many lenses through which we can gain access to important insight for healing. It is my intention to leave each of you empowered and connected to the widsom of your body.



Module 2: Chakra Immersion