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Welcome! This is the starting place for all new clients. Returning clients who have not worked with me recently are also encouraged to take this route so we can get caught up on things.


During our initial session we will work together to build a framework of knowlege around where you're coming from and what you are hoping to gain from our sessions. I will ask for a history of your mental, emotional and physical health, all of which is completely optional. It is not necessary for you to share anything and please feel free to share whatever you feel is important for me to know.


After discussing your history and goals, I will conduct a Reiki healing session which may look a few different ways depending on your needs and preferences. Reiki is used to treat both the mental and physical body. We will discuss anything that is intuitively or physically sensed over each of your chakras during your Reiki session. This information is not meant to diagnose nor prescribe, but hopefully as important insight for your continued healing.


To conclude our session I may offer simple chakra-balancing techniques as "homework", this is also optional. I am available via email to answer questions or to clarify anything discussed during our sessions.


 Due to the current state of affairs, I am working remotely via FaceTime or Skype. A remote Reiki session is accessible from anywhere in the world. Because Reiki energy is not limited by space and time we are able to "send" it through connecting with the energy of the client (human or animal). The aim of each session is to balance the energy of the mind, body and spirit. You may purchase a session for yourself or as a gift, however consent of the recipient is required.


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