Through this one-on-one coaching program, you will gain the tools to navigate life's challenges with more ease and focus. 


Learn to foster a mindful relationship between your mind, body and spirit through reiki healing and coaching. Each session will include both reiki healing and coaching focusing specifically on each of your chakras.


We will uncover obstacles you may be facing and approach them with a mindset focused on healing and empowerment. I am honored to share time-honored techniques that I have incorporated into my own life and work over the past decade. Learning to approach my own wellness through the lense of the chakra system has provided a deep sense of self-knowlege and empowerment.


Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, recovering from an injury or just want some extra support, learning to navigate life with embodied awareness can be a total game changer. It's time to shine!


Chakra-specific practices may include but are not limited to: Yoga practice and guided meditation, journaling, affirmations, intention setting and goal work.


Six consecutive weekly Reiki + Coaching sessions

(One 90-minute session, Five 60-minute sessions via Zoom)

Personalized chakra-focused exercises are designed to develop, strengthen and sustain your self-care practices.


Reiki + Coaching (1:1)