Yoga  + Meditation

"Yoga with Mary is a deep, soulful experience where the intensity is guided by healing energy that comes from a gentle softening and surrendering. Her nurturing style allows for healing to emerge naturally. It is a beautiful practice that nourishes the body, mind and spirit."
Molly Palmer

Yoga in the Loft

Join me at Jilda’s Place on Monday evenings for AromaRestore Yoga! This small-group class for women is RSVP only to ensure the safety and security of our space.


At Jilda's Place we are dedicated to providing a safe, calm environment for women to learn and practice yoga. All levels of experience are welcome at our small-group yoga classes and individual yoga lessons!

Goat Yoga
Yes, it's a thing. Maybe the best thing ever. And I LOVE teaching it! It's a fun, approachable introduction to new yogis and an adorable addition to experienced practitioners. I have paired up with The Hayloft in Hastings, MN to revive my career in Goat Yoga! 
Join us at a brewery in the Twin Cities or come to the ranch for Goat Yoga. Check The Hayloft's calendar for the most recent updates. Private party bookings are welcomed!
*Please note that I am grateful for my first summer of teaching goat yoga in Vail. All 15 Nigerian dwarf goat babies were spectacular to say the least. However, I chose to step away from and do not support or endorse Vail Stables, their business practices or guest interactions in any way.

Private Yoga Instruction

During your Restorative and/or Yin Yoga practice, we will invite the body to unwind, encouraging the mind to settle into a state of peace and serenity.

Choose from Mindfulness meditation to center awareness, Guided Visualization for healing and energy-balancing or Yoga Nidra to calm the Central Nervous System.

I love weaving disciplines of Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Meditation and Reiki healing into my classes as an added benefit to your yoga experience.

My goal for teaching is to always leave you feeling nurtured, refreshed and revitalized.

*Pricing for Yoga and Meditation will be determined at time of booking.